About Us



The Schnitzel Kitchen officially opened on 9th September 2014. It is located among other fine food establishments along the Majors Bay Road 'foodie' strip in Concord.

Owner, Frank Ribosa, has always been a lover of great food and wine. He has also worked in the hospitality industry for over twenty five years. Frank previously owned several successful cafes and restaurants in nearby Leichhardt and North Sydney. But the one thing that differentiates TSK from all his other businesses is the family factor.

TSK is essentially a family style restaurant. With more and more restaurants catering to smaller and smaller niche groups, Frank saw an opportunity to create a special place where families will definitely appreciate a venue catering for their needs.

The concept of 'family' has always been an important one in European culture. Blessed with two beautiful daughters of his own, Frank shares his wonderful Spanish perspective when he says, "Life is a celebration. Whatever you do - do it with love. Live life to the full - with passion, good food, good wine, family and friends."